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ST-15D | Advanced Occupational Noise Measurements


Scarlet ST-15D integrates professional class-1 sound level monitoring with a GPS analyzer that meets IEC and ANSI international standards. It is fitted with one-third octave band filters for detailed sound analysis. Precisely measure sound level and detect noise source with one-device.


Meter vs. Analyzer A sound level meter is a device that allows you to determine the acoustic intensity and to measure the sound pressure level, but does not necessarily determine levels of sound in relation to tolerance of the human ear. Scarlet Tech ScarletSound™ sound level meters are suitable for professional application, including measurement of sound at work and environmental sound measurement. Sounds analyzers provide octave bands analysis to help Safety Manger identify exactly noise sources easily by looking into the most relevant frequency components. The frequency domain information is based on DSP technology. ScarletSound™ ST-15D is the one you need.

Sound Level Meter ST 15D | GPS

  • Model ST-15D
    Fulfils Standard IEC 61672:2013 Class 1
    Dimensions 260 x 80 x 30 mm
    Display 240×320 color screen, adjustable brightness, backlight can be closed
    Display Resolution 0.1 dB
    Frequency Range 10 Hz ~ 20 kHz ± 1 dB (not including microphone)
    Measurement range 20dB-142dB (145dB Peak)
    Main Parameters of Measurement LFp, LSp, LIp, Leq1, Lpeak, Leq,T, LFmax, LFmin, LSmax, LSmin, LImax, LImin, SEL,Ts, Tm, Volt, E.
    Accuracy ±0.7 dB
    Weight 0.35 kg (include batteries)
    Application Noise integrating measurement
    1/3 OCT Measuring Parameters: Lxyp, Lxeq,0.5s, Lxeq,T, , Lxymax, Lxymin, Tm Note: x is A,C,Z,B,D, F0i y is F,S
    1/3 octave band filter, G =103/10
    Power Supply battery 4×AA or external power supply
    Contents Meter, microphone, windscreen, calibration certificate, carrying case, English manual
    Environment Working Temperature: -10 ~ 50°C Storing Temperature: -20 ~ 70°C
    Relative Humidity: 25 ~ 90 %
    GPS Longitude, latitude, wind velocity, distance, direction and time calibration
    Statistical Analysis Function Measure Index: Lxyp, Lxeq,0.5s, Lxeq,T, Lxymax, Lxymin, LxyeqT , SEL, Ln as minimum: 1, 5, 10, 50, 90 with 0.1 dB resolution, SD
    Note: x is A,C,Z y is F,S,I n is 1~99
    24h measures index: Ld, Ln, Ldn.
    Audio Recording Record sound data and save it into “WAVE” format
    Integrating Function Lxyi, Lxyp, Lxeq,t, Lxeq,T, Lxmax, Lxmin, Lxpeak LAE, LC-A, SEL
    Note: x is A,C,Z, y is F,S,I
    Printer Thermal or dot-matrix bluetooth printer (optional)
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