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The surface roughness tester Hommel Etamic W10 is a portable instrument for measuring roughness. The surface roughness tester measures all common roughness variables according to international standards such as DIN EN ISO or ISO MOTIF. Furthermore, the surface roughness tester is mains power independent, because it is battery powered. It features a wireless feed, which makes it very flexible for applications in practical operation. The button can be swiveled by 90 °, thereby with the roughness meter overhead measurements can take place in a vertical position or a transverse scan. The surface tester is operated with a modern 4.3'' touch screen, which simultaneously immediately displays a tolerance rating and surface profiles. These measurement results can be printed directly via an integrated thermal printer, making immediate documentation possible. This surface tester has 8 possible measurement programs, of which a monitoring program is specially designed for equipment verification. Here an integrated roughness standard and setpoints are stored, so that the device can be checked on the spot. Optionally,evaluation software EVOVIS can be purchased for the surface tester equipped with USB and Bluetooth interface,which makes it possible to evaluate identified measured values and save them to a computer.

Surface Tester HOMMEL ETAMIC W10

  • Measuring range -210 ... +110 µm (320 µm) 
    Button Inductive skids buttonT1E: 2 µm / 90 °
    Measurement units µm / µ inch selectable
    Max. traversing 17.5 mm
    Traversing according to ISO / JIS 1.5 / 4.8 / 15 mm
    Traversing according to MOTIF 0.64 / 3.2 / 16 mm
    Cut-off 0.08 / 0.25 / 0.8  / 2.5 mm
    Number of sampling lengths 1 ... 5 selectable
    Filter DIN EN ISO 11562: Gaussian filter
    DIN EN ISO 16610-21: Gaussian filter
    DIN EN ISO 13565-1: Filter for Rk parameters
    DIN EN ISO 3274: λs-Filter
    Keying speed vt 0.15 / 0.5 / 1 mm/s; Returns 3 mm/s
    Data point spacing min. 0.5 µm (9600 points at It = 4.8 mm)
    Size characteristic DIN EN ISO 4287 Ra, Rz, Rmax, Rt, Rq, RSm, Rp, Rv, Rq, Rsk, Rku, Rdc, Rdq, RzISO, Rmr, Rmr (c), C(Rmr), Pt, Pz, Pa
    Size characteristic DIN EN ISO 13565-1, -2 Rk, Rpk, Rvk, Mr1, Mr2, A1, A2, Rpk*, Rvk*
    Size characteristic MOTIF ISO 12085 R, AR, Rx, CR, CL, Nr, CF
    Size characteristic ASMB46 Rpm
    Size characteristic JIS B601 (2001) Rz-JIS
    Size characteristic DIN EN 10049 RPc
    Size characteristic Daimler MBN 31007 R3z
    Battery (basic unit) Li-Ion rechargeable battery, 
    800 measuring cycles
    (without expression, tracing length 4.8mm)
    Measurement programs 7 measurement programs, 
    1 measurement program for instrument inspection
    Data storage 2000 measurement datasets / size characteristics, 
    500 profile records
    Interfaces USB, Bluetooth
    Dimensions 224 x 226 x 70 mm (roughness tester W10)
    151 x 50 x 55 mm (feed LV17)
    Weight 980 g (roughness tester W10)
    275 g (feed LV17)
    Integrated printing unit
    Printing process Static thermal cell
    Paper / printing width 57 ± 0.5 mm / 48 mm
    Paper roll Ø = 31 mm
    Resolution 8 points / mm, 384 points / line
    Print functions Measuring conditions, size characteristics, roughness profile, Abbott curve, statistics
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