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This handy product is a mobile surface roughness tester in the Hommel Etamic series from Jenoptik. This mobile surface roughness tester is particularly well suited to take quick measurements on machines or in measuring rooms. Thanks to the diverse range of probes which can be replaced very easily,the mobile surface tester can be used on a variety of surfaces. The mobile surface tester also has a precision ground support bracket; this guarantees permanently stable workpiece support. If you want to measure the surface of a workpiece, which attaches higher, you can use your mobile surface tester with the pull-out tripod legs adjusted to the respective height. In order to recognise the measurement surface better, the mobile surface tester has a luminous prism with LED. The mobile surface meter has five measuring programs and stores the measured data in the respective data storage. You can transfer them to your PC with the included USB cable as the data format is compatible with Windows. At the same time you start the charging function,when you connect your mobile surface tester to the PC. To charge the battery without using a PC, you can connect the included power supply adapter to the USB cable, then your mobile surface tester can be fully charged in just 4 hours.

Surface Tester HOMMEL ETAMIC W5

  • Total deviation DIN 4772

    Class 1

    Measuring range(s) / Resolution

    320 μ (-210/+110) / 5 nm


    Inductive skids button, 2 μm/ 90 °

    Unit of measurement

    μm/ μinch selectable


    total 17.5 mm

    according to ISO/JIS / 1.5 / 4.8 / 15 mm

    according to MOTIF / 0.64 / 3.2 / 16 / mm

    Cut Off (ISO / JIS)

    0.25 / 0.8 / 2.5 / mm

    Number of sampling lengths

    1...5 selectable


    Phasecorrect profile filter (Gaussian)

    according to DIN EN ISO 11562

    Filter according to ISO 13565-1

    Ls – Filter according to DIN EN ISO 3274

    Robust Gaussian filter ISO 16610-31

    Keying speed

    0.15 /0.5 /1/ mm/sec | Returns: 3 mm/sec

    Data point spacing

    Min. 0.5μm (9600 Points at lt = 4.8mm)

    Size characteristics

    DIN EN ISO 4287:
    Ra, Rz, Rmax(Rt), Rq, RSm, Rmr(c) , RSK

    DIN EN ISO 13565:
    Rk, Rpk, Rvk, Mr1, Mr2, A1, A2

    MOTIF ISO 12085:
    R, AR, Rx

    ASME B46

    Rp, Rpm

    JIS B601

    Rz-JIS, Ry (equivalent to Rz), tp (equivalent to Rmr)

    DIN EN 10049 


    Daimler DB N 31007 



    V0 (Oil retention volume)

    Data storage

    5 measurement programs

    Offline storage

    max. 100 profiles, max 10,000 measurements

    Working / operating temperature

    +5 ... +40 °C


    ca. 50 x 63 x 127.5 mm


    270 g


    USB, Bluetooth

    Power supply 

    Li-Ion rechargeable battery

    Battery capacity

    800 measuring cycles

    Battery recharge time

    4 h

    Wide range power supply

    100  ... 264 V

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