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EDX-2B is the update model of EDX-B, the most popular model for RoHS and Halogen free testing instrument; it used the USA Spellman HV and High power Copper Tube, equipped with USA famous brand high resolution detector

EDX-2B incorporating Skyray’s years of RoHS testing and developing from EDX-B is of powerful function. With its unique product configurations, fully functional software, ergonomically design and friendly software interface, it can meet the RoHS testing requirement and grants the users a simple measurement job.


  • Measurable elements: S to U.
    Detection limit reaches 1ppm.
    Element content: 1ppm to 99.9%
    Arbitrary optional analysis and identification models
    Independent matrix effect correction models
    Multi-variable non-linear regression procedure
    Excellent repeatability: 0.1%
    Long-time working stability: 0.1%
    Ambient temperature: 15℃ to 30℃
    Power supply: AC 220V±5V, AC purified stabilized voltage power supply.

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