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The torque wrench tester of the PCE-TWM series can test torque wrenches up to 500 Nm, depending on the sensor. Due to the precise evaluation electronics, the torque wrench tester has a measurement accuracy of 0.5 % of the measurement range. The torque wrench is fixed by means of a 1/4' female square. The torque wrench tester consists of an evaluation unit and an external torque transducer with a cable which makes the measurement setup convenient. Torque wrenches can be tested in both directions. The limit value function of the torque wrench tester makes it possible to set an acoustic alarm which is triggered when a pre-set torque is reached. The torque wrench tester indicates the PEAK value (maximum value display) as well as the force path and also offers the possibility of a statistical evaluation of the measurement process. The measurement results can be saved to an internal SD card and can be read out on the device or a PC. The PC software for the torque wrench tester is included in the standard delivery.

Torque Meter FB 10TW

  • Model
    FB 10TW
    Measurement range / resolution
    10 Nm (1 kgfm) / 0.01 Nm
    Accuracy ±0.5 % of measurement range
    Units of measurement Nm, Ncm, kgfm, lbfin, gfm
    Calibration possible with external F2 weights
    Max. Overload 50 % of measurement range
    Sampling rate freely adjustable up to 1,000 values / s
    Functions PEAK function (MIN - MAX Hold) / limit value measurement / real-time measurement with software
    Display graphical LC display 61 x 34 mm / automatic display alignment / backlight
    Menu multilingual: German / English / Spanish
    Memory internal memory and mini SD card memory.
    (internal memory is limited to a series of measurement of up to 6,400 measurements)
    Storage manual - by keystroke
    automatic - (adjustable)
    Interface serial RS-232, 9-pole and USB
    OPTIONAL: switch contact output
    MIN / MAX / OK (see below) + 1 input
    Software incl. PC software for evaluation and control
    Operating conditions - 10 ... +40 °C
    Power supply 4 x Ni-MH 2700 mAh AA rechargeable batteries (exchangeable) or mains adaptor ~230 V/12 V; 1.2 A incl.
    Auto Power Off function adjustable
    Battery life approx. 20 hours (without backlight approx. 45 h)
     Dimensions evaluation unit 210 x 110 x 40 mm / 600 g
     Dimensions torque transducer up to 10 Nm Ø 90 (Ø 40) / 80 mm / 700 g
    above 10 Nm 1500 g Ø 75 / 90 mm / 1500 g
    Cable length of external torque measuring cell approx. 2 m
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