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The 4-channel VM 5000 Vibration Analyzer is especially designed for precise measurements of vibrations. Despite the fact that the 4-channel vibration Vibration Analyzer is a complex and sensitive device, its hardened design enables operation for many years. The VM 5000 Vibration Analyzer indicates on a large, lightened LCD display four channels of simultaneous vibration measurements from remote vibration sensors. The Vibration Analyzer measures in a frequency range of 10 Hz to 1 KHz for speed, acceleration, and displacement. The captured data values are saved on a SD memory card where you can choose between automatic and manual data storage. By means of the SD memory card the data can be transferred afterwards to a computer in order to analyze it in an excel file. With the VM 5000 Vibration Analyzer you can choose between different measurement units: for acceleration, the unit m/s², g, and ft/s² are able to be selected; for speed, mm/s, cm/s and inches/s can be used; and for the displacement, mm and inches can be indicated.

Vibration Analyzer VM 5000

  • Display 82 mm x 61 mm / 3.22 in x 2.4 in ("), LCD display with background lights
    Number of channels 4 input channels
    Measuring types speed, acceleration, expansion
    Units acceleration: m/s², g, ft/s²
    speed: mm/s, sm/s, inches/s
    expansion: mm, inches
    Frequency ranges 10 Hz ... 1 KHz
    Peak Value Hold Acceleration, speed: measures/ updates the peak-value
    Expansion: measures / updates pp value
    Max. Hold Acceleration, speed: measures/ updates the max value
    Expansion: measures / updates max. pp value
    Max. Hold-Reset Keypress activation
    Zero-function Keypress activation for acceleration (rms) measurement
    Datalogger Scan Rate Automatic: 1 ... 3600 seconds 
    Manual: by pressing key
    Memory Card SD Memory card (1 ... 16 GB)
    Data Hold Function Holds Indicated Value
    Audio Output Mini-Stereo Plug, 
    max. voltage: 2 V
    output resistance: 100 Ohm
    Operation Temperature 0 ... +50 °C / 32 ... 122 °F
    Operation Humidity 85% R.H. max.
    Power Supply 8 x 1.5 V AA batteries or 9 V AC adapter
    Power Consumption NiMH Rechargeable battery 3 x 2700 mAh
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