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LW-20+ series Wechsler hardness tester is an instrument that can quickly test the hardness of aluminum alloy in the field. Wechsler

hardness tester is easy to use,One card can, hardness value directly read. Used for rapid detection of aluminum alloy profiles,

pipes, plates, aluminum workpieces and other soft The hardness of the metal. It is especially suitable for fast and non-destructive

batch products at the production site, sales site or construction site Item by item inspection.




  1. Press needle: new material, new process manufacturing of press needle, high hardness, long life, good interchangeability.
  2. Handle: forged material, surface anodized upper handle, beautiful, wear resistant, pollution resistant.
  3. Hardness block: The standard hardness block is tested by the standard hardness machine.
  4. High quality: fine parts processing, precision machine assembly, strict quality inspection.
  5. Good stability: full degree point stability, correction point stability,
  6. Easy conversion: Wechsler hardness value can be converted into Vickers, Rockwell, Brinell and other hardness values.

Webster hardness tester LW-20+series

  • range 0~20HW
    precision 0.5HW
    weight 625g
    dimension 220*160*30mm
    battery 2*1.5AAA
    measuring range
    • Read catalog

    1. Main Unit
    2. Operation Manual
    3. Standard Wechsler
    4. Spare presser
    5. Special wrench
    6. Anvil seat cover (LW-20A+)
    7. Small screwdriver
    8. hardness block
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