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Genius Handheld

XRF Series

Fluorescence Spectrometer S

X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer is our most advanced instrument for Precious Metals Analysis. Thanks to new generation Silicon Drift Detector (X-SDD) and multi-channel technology, Smart 100 is able to analyze Precious Metals of all sizes and get accurate results in 2 seconds. 


  • High power Tungsten Target X ray tube increases excitation efficiency for precious metals Silicon Drift Detector Fast-SDD with resolution as low as 125eV

  • Large detection area( 25mm2 ) improves detection efficiency and lowers detection limits

  • Optical shutter system improves test efficiency and accuracy
    Digital multichannel technology provides ultra-high count rate over 600KCPS

  • Industrial CCD ultra-definition camera and movable platform ensure accurate sample positioning

  • Eight collimators and five optical filters allows accurate analysis even for the smallest samples 

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