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XRF Series

Fluorescence Spectrometer Plus

PLUS is the latest model of energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer EDXRF, designed specifically for non-destructive analysis of alloys and products made of precious metals. It has an ergonomic design, user-friendly interface and professional software causing that elemental analysis becomes simple and quick. Thanks to modern SDD detector with improved resolution, it is possible to separate elements found in typical alloys and alloys and other samples of unknown composition eg. white gold (Au + Cu + Zn + Ni) alloys Ag + Sn, Pt + Au alloys, Au + W, pollution in precious metals alloys, catalysts, and others. Is well suited for refining and recycling. Spectrometers of this type are recommended primarily for measurements jewelry alloys in pawn shops, bureaux de change, in the jewelry production and refining of gold.


  • Rapid nondestructive detection and quick measurement with results within five seconds

  • SDD Detector features accuracy similar with most Desktop XRF Systems

  • Built-in GPS records altitude, latitude and longitude during testing 

  • Auto X-Ray tube shut off without sample

  • Bluetooth, expandable SD Card for data storage and mini-USB for PC connection

  • Customized workcurves can be added and modified by customer's demand

  • Light elements detection with Helium gas

  • Built-in high definition camera for real-time sample observation

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