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The Automotive Tester BTT 1 is made to detect tension of gear belts. The measurement with the Automotive Tester is really easy. The measuring sensor connects to the gear belt. Due to this the gear belt will be curved slightly. The expenditure of energy needed, will be detected through an integrated tension sensor. The value will be converted into Newton, Pound, Kilo or Seem. The maximum of the gear belt’s thickness will be 36 mm. But note, when the belt drive is changed you have to ensure that it is changed accordingly to the vehicle’s manufacturer. The cartridge kit for the belt force, manual description included, has to be observed too. The gear belt has to be tensioned with the help of the Belt Force Gauge BTT 1. There will be no guarantee for any harms or damages in case of not observing the advices of the vehicles manufacturers or machine manufacturers.

Automotive Tester BTT 1

  • Measuring range 0 ... 750 N
    0 ... 120 lb
    0 ... 77 Kg
    0 ... 114 Seem
    Resolution 0.1 N
    Accuracy ± 5 %
    Display of status Low, ok, high
    Maximum of thickness 36 mm
    Overload alarm function 750 N
    Maximum of force 850 N
    Length of cable 1.4 m
    Automatic switch off yes, 5 min
    Power supply 4 x 1.5 V AAA
    Dimensions 135 x 62 x 33 mm
    Environmental temperature 0 ... 50 ºC, < 85 % RH
    Weight 335 g
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