The MT 50 contact mini-thermometer is a compact and water resistant device to be used with diverse type K sensors. The MT 50 contact mini-thermometer can be used in many different fields such as: HVAC measurements (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning), air conditioning, heating and process measurements. The MT 50 contact mini-thermometer comes with IP65 protection, so it can be used to perform measurement in environments with humidity. The  MT 50 contact mini-thermometer is equipped with a sensor which can change depending on the measurement is being carried out. All type K sensors can be adapted to this MT 50 contact mini-thermometer through a standard plug. The usual tools are a surface sensor for heating or a penetrating probe for ventilation systems. This MT 50 contact mini-thermometer is used in point process controls. This contact mini-thermometer has a temperature range from -60 to 1370 ºC.

Contact Thermometer MT 50

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