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ATP 1 is a food / hygiene tester, lumitester or luminometer used in the food, pharmaceutical, hygiene, healthcare, hospitality and janitorial industries. This lumitester allows for quick and easy first-generation adenosine triphosphate (ATP) surface testing and monitoring to ensure proper cleanliness, sterilization and sanitization. ATP 1 is an ATP tester that can be used for cleanliness control and documentation in commercial kitchen food preparation, industrial food manufacturing and food processing, professional cleaning services, operating rooms and more.

Basic operation
Use PCE-ATP SWAB (sold separately) to take a sample of the surface to be tested. Press the swab all the way down into the tube, so the swab comes into contact with the reaction liquid and reagent. Gently shake the tube to ensure the sample is fully covered. Insert the whole test tube into the measuring chamber of the ATP 1 food / hygiene testing device. After 20 seconds, the measurement results are shown in relative light units (RLUs) on the device's display.

Hygiene Tester ATP 1

  • Detection method

    Analog integration by photodiodes

    Data output

    Relative light units (RLUs)

    Background interference

    ± 5 RLUs

    Measurement width

    0 ... 999999 RLUs

    Measuring time

    20 seconds


    3.5 " graphic LCD




    10000 measurement records


    Automatic cleanliness testing before each use

    Environmental conditions

    +5 ... + 40 ° C / 41 ... 104 ° F, 20 ... 80% rh

    Storage conditions

    -10 ... +40 ° C / 14 ... 104 ° F, max. 60% rh

    Voltage supply

    3.7 V / 2300 mAhLi-ion rechargeable battery

    Battery life

    Operating: 10 hours 
    Standby: 600 hours


    189 x 70 x 35 mm / 7.44 x 2.7 x 1.3 "


    280 g / 0.62 lb

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