XRF Series


EDX600 incorporates Skyray’s years of experience in precious metals testing with unique product configurations and fully functional software. Its ergonomically design and friendly software interfaces grant the users a simple measurement job.
EDX600 is configured with an efficient and practical proportional counter, delivering compositions and plating thickness measurements of precious metals in a reasonable cost. The novel EDX600 has modern outlook, structure and color design.


  • Specialized precious metals and plating thickness testing

  • Intelligent Precious Metals Analysis Software matches perfectly with the hardware. 

  • Arbitrary optional analysis and identification models

  • Independent matrix effect correction models

  • Multi-variable non-linear regression procedure

Standard configurations

  • Single sample chamber

  • Laser positioning device

  • Proportional counter 

  • Signal detection electronic circuit 

  • High and low voltage power supplies

  • X-ray tube