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Metasensing for Megastructures



Encardio Rite has been the industry standard-bearer in Geotechnical and Infrastructure Health Monitoring for over five decades, supporting more than a thousand global projects. From vital bridges and tunnels to secure dams and mines and from efficient high-speed rail systems to complex construction sites, our pioneering Metasensing philosophy has been instrumental in bringing safety to megastructures worldwide.

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// Transforming your Infrastructure into Reality with Data, Expertise & Technology //

At Encardio Rite, we offer full-spectrum turnkey project services designed to cater to the unique needs of construction, geotechnical, structural health, and environmental monitoring. Our services encompass every aspect of project management, ensuring unparalleled precision, reliability, safety, and efficiency for the entire infrastructure cycle.


Test Instruments Products

An array of best-in-class products acquire and transmit precise surface and sub-surface measurements from all megastructures - from hydroelectric projects to tunnels to construction, rail to bridges, and mining.

Special Offers

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