XRF Series


Precious Metals Analyzer


This is our best and most advanced Handheld XRF. Performance and accuracy of a Desktop X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer combined with convenience and portable size factor of a Handheld XRF. EXPLORER introduces newer digital multi-channel technology, lower detection limits, high stability and wide application range making the instrument capable of virtually any XRF application.​​


  • Rapid nondestructive detection and quick measurement with results within five seconds

  • SDD Detector features accuracy similar with most Desktop XRF Systems

  • Built-in GPS records altitude, latitude and longitude during testing 

  • Auto X-Ray tube shut off without sample

  • Bluetooth, expandable SD Card for data storage and mini-USB for PC connection

  • Customized workcurves can be added and modified by customer's demand

  • Light elements detection with Helium gas

  • Built-in high definition camera for real-time sample observation