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Genius Handheld

XRF Series


ICP Sequential Inductively Coupled Plasma Emission Spectrometer is designed to measure major, minor and trace elements in various samples with excellent analytical precision and accuracy. This ICP has wide wavelength range of 190nm to 800nm with 2400 line grating. The instrument feature high optical resolution, full automation, Solid State RF system as well as powerful analysis software with auto-matching. 


  • Advanced optical design with holographic grating and spectral interference correction for improved detection limits

  • Wide wavelength range:

    • 190nm to 500nm with 3600 line grating

    • 190nrn to 800nm with 2400 line grating

  • Computer controlled plasma platform optimizes the viewing position, reduce interferences, improves SNR and minimize background emissions

  • Software controlled real time monitoring for carrier gas flow, plasma gas and auxiliary gas

  • 27.12 MHz RF generator delivers unsurpassed performance

  • Accurate automatic coupling system ensures power transfer efficiency and stability

  • Multiple types of torches, nebulizer and spray chambers are available as options

  • Optional Autosampler 

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