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The sludge absolute moisture analyser (detection of dissolved substances, suspended solids in waste water) is based on the microwave measuring method. The absolute moisture analyzer is mostly deployed in municipal sewage treatment plants as well as for consistency measurements in industrial plants. The test instruments for absolute moisture can measure the exact amount of solids (in total or as active sludge) in any wastewater.

Absolute Moisture Analyser A 344W

  • Concentration range

    0 ... 8 %


    ±0.02 %

    Measuring interval

    1 sec

    Process temperature

    +5 ... +50 °C / +41 ... +122 F

    Measurement results


    Power supply

    24 V DC

    Input power

    0.2 A

    Standard signal output

    4-20 mA

    Input 4-20 mA
    Conductivity limit 10 mS/cm
    Protection class IP54


    6 kg / 13.23 lbs

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