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The FMD humidity detector for paper functions with a microprocessor. This humidity detector is used to determine absolute humidity of both paper and building materials. The FMD humidity detector has an electrode which can be inserted into or placed on the material to be measured.  
The FMD humidity detector corrects real percentages of humidity values according to the pre-selected material and the temperature (absolute humidity). The calibration curves for many different paper types that can be found in the humidity detector are unique. Users will be able to program ten additional calibration curves in the humidity detector memory.
The FMD humidity detector has a storage capacity of 75 protocols with 1000 different measuring values. Each protocol includes some indications about the material and a statistic summary containing the reliability range (clock with time and date). With the help of the software, stored data can be transferred to a computer for later revisions. 
The FMD humi

Absolute Moisture Meter FMD 6

  • Softwood
    - Fir
    - Canadian Fir (east, west)
    - Agathis (heavy, light)
    - Alcere
    - Alerce (European, Japanese, Russian)
    - Alerce (American, East, West)
    - Red Cedar
    - Douglasie (heavy, light)
    - Mañio
    - Pine (European, Nordic)
    - Pine (light, heavy, Caribbean, American)
    - Pine (European, Nordic, Kern, Spint)
    - Pine (French)
    - Pine Parana
    - Pine Radiata
    - Pine Sitka
    - Pine Sugar
    - Pine Weymouth
    - Yellowwood
    - Redwood (Californian, heavy, light)
    - Sugi

    Building materials
    - Papier-mâché
    - Concrete (200 kg/m³)
    - Concrete (350 kg/m³)
    - Concrete (500 kg/m³)
    - Gas concrete 
    - Bricks
    - Lime mortar
    - MDF
    - Floor (anhydrite)
    - Floor of cement (Arduparid)
    - Floor of cement mortar (1 : 3)
    - Floor (Elastizell)
    - Floor gypsum
    - Lime-stone
    - Asbestos - cement
    - Asphalt fiber
    - Gypsum
    - Gypsum (synthetic)

    Paper / cardboard / carton
    - Assi
    - Bilerud
    - Paper (in general) 
    - Kraft paper (150 g/m²)
    - Kraft paper (440 g/m²)
    - SC paper (150 g/m²)
    - PWA ...

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