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The humidity detector FMW-T covers all your needs while measuring moisture contents in all types of wood and building materials. The humidity detector FMW-T works without causing any damage to the material and it is mainly employed to measure building walls. When you have to choose a humidity detector it is very important to take into consideration if the surface can be affected or if it has to be in perfect condition after the measurement. Humid areas can produce mould in houses. These areas are easily detected. You will also measure humidity in wood, as for instance in parquet floors.
The humidity detector FMW-T has a compact design and is very easy to use. These characteristics turn the humidity detector into an irreplaceable tool for professional builders, technicians, etc.

Absolute Moisture Meter FMW T

  • Softwood
    -  Fir
    - Canadian Fir (east, west)
    - Agathis (heavy, light)
    - Alcere
    - Alerce (European, Japanese, Russian)
    - Alerce (American, East, West)
    - Red Cedar
    - Douglasie (heavy, light)
    - Mañio
    - Pine (European, Nordic)
    - Pine (light, heavy, Caribbean, American)
    - Pine (European, Nordic, Kern, Spint)
    - Pine (French)
    - Pine Parana
    - Pine Radiata
    - Pine Sitka
    - Pine Sugar
    - Pine Weymouth
    - Yellowwood
    - Redwood (Californian, heavy, light)
    - Sugi

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