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The Absolute Moisture Meter GMK 210 is the ideal tool to quickly locate moisture not only in buildings, but also on boats or in caravans. The measuring method of the Absolute Moisture Meter works absolutely non-destructively. All test instruments come manufacturer calibrated. ISO certification can be ordered as an option.

Absolute Moisture Meter GMK 210

  • Measuring depths

    10 mm and 25 mm


    Characteristics and measurement, (backlit)

    Visual Humidity rating

    Assessment of moisture in 6 steps from
    WET (wet-) and DRY (= dry)

    Acoustic Humidity rating

    Acoustic tone

    Characteristic curves

    14 material characteristic curves for wood (with extensive wood-allocation table) and GRP (glass fibre, reinforced plastic, insolation material, total weight reference curve (rEF) for high-resolution measurements of relative)

    Working temperature

    -25 ... +50 ° C

    Storage Temperature

    -25 ... +70 ° C

    Power supply

    9 V battery

    Current measurement

    Approximately 0.12 mA

    Current lighting

    Approximately 2.5 mA (auto off)


    Low battery warning,
    Auto-off function, hold


    Impact-resistant ABS housing


    IP65 front


    106 x 67 x 30 mm


    Approximately 145 g

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