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Absolute Moisture Meter of waste paper (% H2O) with a very robust penetrating probe.
Absolute Moisture Meter of waste paper for professional use in the input-control of large amounts of waste paper or containers of paper. PCE-W3 Absolute Moisture Meter can detect absolute moisture in waste paper to know the exact humidity content in the collection centre or in the paper-making factory. So, customers will be able to claim to the manufacturer if there is any problem with the product. Another advantage of the humidity detector is that it is very easy to use, with a very small size as well as a solid structure. PCE-W3 Absolute Humidity Meter is sent with a calibration certificate, however an ISO calibration certificate can be required as an option. Besides, a recalibration can be performed at any time.
PCE-W3 Absolute Moisture Meter for waste paper has a very robust penetrating probe to detect absolute humidity with high accuracy. Introduce the probe into the waste paper, turn  "ON" and

Absolute Moisture Meter W3

  • Measurement range

    6 ... 30 %


    0,1 %


    ±10 % of the measurement value

    Electrodes length

    85 mm


    3,5 digits LCD display


    1 x  9 V battery


    Meter: 165 x 80 x 33 mm
    Briefcase: 270 x 180 x 55 mm


    680 g (electrode and cable included)

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