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The WM 1 moisture detector has a wide range of uses and can determine relative humidity in % and absolute humidity in g/m³ to a high degree of accuracy. With this moisture detector ambient conditions can be measured, such as relative humidity and ambient temperature, and it can also measure surface temperature with an external sensor which comes with the device. The moisture detector can also calculate dew point and as well as relative humidity in g/m³. This device is used extensively in the construction sector or in the food industry to develop new products and ensure quality and freshness. The moisture detector comes calibrated from the manufacturer but is uncertified. A DIN ISO calibration from an accredited laboratory can be ordered, or please contact us. We can perform an annual recalibration to meet ISO standards. Here you will find an overview from which to choose the best humidity detector to suit your needs.

Absolute Moisture Meter WM1

  • Measurement range  

    0 to 50°C

    Relative humidity

    10 to 95% r.h.

    Absolute humidity

    0.5 to 74.4g/m³

    Dew point temperature

    -27.3 to 47.9°C



    Relative humidity


    Absolute humidity




    Relative humidity


    Absolute humidity


    Response time

    approx. 10 s

    Minimum, Maximum values and Peak Hold


    External temperature sensor

    1.1m cable

    Power 9V battery
    Operating conditions -20 to 50°C / 0 to 100% r.h.
    Dimensions (device) 165 x 80 x 33mm
    Dimensions (sensor)

    150 x 30mm (ambient temperature / humidity)
    50 x 30mm (surface temperature)

    Weight 380g
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