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These professional Air / Fluid Vacuum Gauge have been designed for use in adverse conditions. They are ideal for measuring pressure in hydraulic or pneumatic systems. These Air / Fluid Vacuum Gauge are controlled by micro processors to guarantee highly accurate results. With its short response time and its casing which is resistant to both dust and water, this device is perfect for preventative maintenance. The Air / Fluid Vacuum Gauge come with a silicon component to protect them and their sensors from penetration of liquids.
The Air / Fluid Vacuum Gauge comes calibrated from the factory and an ISO 9000 laboratory calibration certificate can be ordered when purchasing the device. The certificate has a check protocol and contains the name of the company.  With this, it can be incorporated into the company's internal test tools  according to ISO standards

Air / Fluid Vacuum Gauge 910

  • Model PCE-910
    PSI Range ±29.00
    Resolution 0.01
    mbar Range ±2000
    Resolution 1
    inH2O Range ±802.0
    Resolution 0.5
    mH2O Range ±20.40
    Resolution 0.01
    inHg Range ±59.00
    Resolution 0.02
    mmHg Range ±1500
    Resolution 1
    Torr Range -
    Resolution -
    Pa / kPa Range -
    Resolution -
    atm Range ±1.974
    Resolution 0.001
    Kg/cm2 Range ±2.040
    Resolution 0.001
    Accuracy ±2% (across entire range)
    Repeatability ±1%
    Rate of measurement 0.8s
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