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Multifunction THB 38 air humidity meter to measure a range of parameters: Humidity, temperature, barometric pressure (dewpoint temperature is calculated). The air humidity meter also shows atmospheric pressure in a range of 10 to 1100hPa. With all of these features, it is a complete climatological device. The test instrument is shipped manufacturer calibrated. Otherwise, a laboratory calibration and certification can be ordered optionally to meet ISO or NIST requirements.

Air Humidity Meter THB 38

  • Measurement ranges
    -Relative air humidity
    -Barrometric pressure
    -Dew point temperature

    0 to 50°C
    10 to 95% r.h.
    10 to 1100 hPa (mbar)
    -25 to 49°C

    -Relative air humidity
    -Barrometric pressure
    -Dew point temperature

    0.1% r.h.
    0.1 hPa to 1000 hPa (but 1 hPa)

    -Relative air humidity

    -Barrometric pressure

    ±3% of reading or ±1%
    (<70% r.h., but ±3% r.h.)
    ±1,5 hPa to 1000 hPa, but ±2 hPa

    Operating temperature

    0 to 50ºC
    4 AAA batteries
    120 x 40mm
    Weight (with batteries)
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