PCE-180 CBN is a handheld, portable, battery-powered wire tracer or cable locator that consists of an amplifier probe and acoustic signal or tone generator. This locating device is designed to detect wires or cables hidden behind walls or insulation.

Cable Detector 180 CBN

  • - Uses an acoustic signal to detect wires and cables, including network and coaxial cables
    - Features a 3-position toggle switch (and 3-color LED) for line polarity, continuity and voltage testing
    - Comes with red and black test leads with alligator clips
    - Has a standard 4-conductor modular cord and plug
    - Battery powered
    - Recessed on / off button prevents accidental activation and battery drain
    - Adjustable volume and selection of either single solid tone or dual alternating tone
    - Compatible with other signal or tone generators used to detect wires or cables
    - Contains built-in headphone jack 

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