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The temperature gauge is used for calibration of contact temperature sensors and infrared meters. A reference sensor can be inserted into a separate bore of the temperature reference source. Due to the built-in PID regulator, with a thin platinum coating, and the use of a 2 point precision inspection (PAC-function), the temperature reference source achieves high precision and reliability. An optional purchasable calibration certificate, based on national standards, verifies the quality of the temperature reference source. Depending on the model, the temperature reference source covers a temperature range from -40ºC up to +200ºC. The temperature can also be displayed in ºF. The high resolution of up to 0.01ºC, with a precision of up to ±0.05ºC and an emission grade of > 95%, make the temperature gauge a very precise calibration device. The temperature gauge automatically sends the data to a RS 232 interface, while an USB connection is also optional. For more questions on the temperature gauge, please consult the following technical specifications or complete our contact form.

Calibrator C 173

  • Temperature range + 30 °C ... + 200 °C  
    Resolution 0.1 °C  
    Precision ± 0.2 °C  
    PAC function yes  
    Emission grade > 0.95  
    Stability Better than 0.03 °C  
    Power 110 V / 220 V AC  
    Weight 4.00 kg  
    General technical specification 
    Black body 73 mm x Ø 32 mm
    Sensor openings 1 x 2 mm, 3 x 3.5 mm, 2 x 5.5 mm,
    1 x 8.5 mm
    Screen  LED
    Power 230 V AC
    Interface RS-232
    Storage temperature 0 °C ... +40 °C
    Dimensions 196 x 174 x 179 mm
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