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The VC 21 Calibrator can be used for the calibration and testing of vibration sensors or vibration meters. Thanks to a stable vibration amplitude and a highly accurate vibration frequency, the acceleration, velocity and displacement can be calibrated precisely by means of the Calibrator. The RMS of the vibration amplitude is independent from the load which makes it possible to calibrate sensors with different masses of up to 600 g (1.3 lbs). The Calibrator switches off automatically in case of an overload. Moreover, the adjustable Automatic Power Off function prevents the rechargeable battery to go flat at an early state.


The resilient, compact design makes the mobile use of the Calibrator possible in combination with the rechargeable battery. The Calibrator cannot only be used for standard vibration transducers but also for the calibration of low-frequency vibration sensors of structural vibration meters in line with DIN 4150-3 and human vibration meters according to ISO 8041 due to its adjustable vibration frequencies between 15.92 and 1280 Hz and selectable vibration amplitudes between 1 m/s² and 20 m/s². The sensors can be connected by means of a magnet or via an M5 thread. Different thread adaptors are included in the delivery so that different sensors can be connected to the Calibrator.

Calibrator VC21

  • - Resilient, portable construction
    - Displays frequency, amplitude and % error
    - Powered by rechargeable battery
    - Low-frequency calibration
    - 7 adjustable vibration frequencies 
    - 5 adjustable vibration amplitudes

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