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Coating Thickness Tester DFT-Combo (F/N)
Combined coating thickness tester for acquisition of thickness of lacquer, plastic… on steel / iron (F) and NE-metals (N)

The Coating Thickness Tester DFT-Combo is an instrument for trouble-free measurement of coating (lacquer, colours, plastic … on steel/iron and non-ferrous metal. The menu navigation of the coating thickness tester allows a problem-free calibration and adjustment on new parameters and makes this handheld coating thickness tester to an indispensable partner for check measurements in production, workshop and quality management. The device is ideally suited, for instance, to recognize accidental damage at cars, to prevent damage and therefore optimal for motor vehicle experts. This device can also be used in the industrial sector for input and output controls as well as in the production for material testing. The ergonomically formed coating thickness tester with the integrated measurement probe and very easy operating offers the possibility to acquire high accurate measurement results quickly. The Coating Thickness Tester DFT-Combo is constructed for measurements of non-magnetic coatings like lacquer, plastic, chrome, copper, zinc, enamel etc. on steel and iron as well as isolated coatings like lacquer, plastic, enamel, paper, glass, rubber etc. on copper, aluminum, brass and stainless steel as well as eloxal on aluminum. A further coating thickness tester for professionals but with external sensor can be found here. A more favourable model that can just be used for measurement on iron or steel substrate and apart from that has the same technical specification like the DFT-Combo can be found here: DFT-Ferrous

Coating Thickness Gauge DFT-Combo (FN-Typ)


    Measuring range 0 … 1000 µmResolution1 µmAccuracy± (2 µm + 3 %)Smallest measurement area5 x 5 mmSmallest radius of curvatureconvex 3 mm/concave 50 mmSmallest thickness of basic material0,5 mmDisplay 3 digit LCD Display Temperature of area0 … + 60Voltage supply1 x 1.5 V batteryDevice dimension100 x 38 x 23 mmWeight70 g (battery included)Engineering standardsISO 2178/2360/2808 EN ISO 19840, ASTM D1186, D1400

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