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Coating Thickness Gauge PaintCheck provides a fast, non-destructive, accurate coating measurement on steel and non-ferrous metals (e.g. Aluminium)

With PaintCheck you can not only measure paint thickness. You can also obtain valuable information concerning the coating structure, such as paint top coats or body fillers. When measured thickness value clearly exceeds the standard paintwork thickness, this would indicate the use of filler material for repair work or repainting. For this means, no damage or destruction on the surface – no scratches, no grinding needed. This is possible by using two field-proven inspection methods for coating thickness measurement: the magnetic method and the eddy current method (DIN EN ISO 2178 and 2360). Both offer the same degree of high precision, even with the thinnest paintworks, on steel as well as on non-ferrous metals e.g. aluminium. PaintCheck uses both these methods, just position the probe and selection is automatically made. You can’t get faster, more simply and more universally.

Coating Thickness Gauge PaintCheck

    1.  Car dealers
    2. Paint shops
    3. Inspectors
    4. one-key operation
    5. for paint thickness up to 2 mm / 80 mils
    6. integrated probe for steel, iron and aluminium
    7. low priced entrance in paint thickness measurement
    8. ideal for dealers, paint shops and inspectors
    9. Special features
    10. One-key operation. Switch on and instantly measure!
    11. Fast and precise measurements
    12. Wide measuring range up to 2,000 µm / 80 mils
    13. Measurements on flat and slightly curved surfaces
    14. for measurements on iron/steel and non-ferrous metals
    15. Integrated probe designed for measurements on smooth surfaces
    16. Automatic substrate recognition
    17. Calibration free measurements
    18. 4-digit alphanumeric display
    19. Large probe foot provides stable positioning
    20. Audible indication of measurement
    21. Selectable units µm/mils
    22. Automatic power off
    23. - Range iron/steel: 2.0 mm / 80 mils
    24. - Tolerance: 5%
    25. - Maximum surface temperature of test object: 60° C / 140° F
    26. Delivery schedule
    27. 1x Gauge including probe
    28. 1x Plastic shim 200 µm / 8 mils
    29. 1x Steel zero plate
    30. 1x Aluminium zero plate
    31. 1x Soft carrying pouch
    32. 1x 2 batteries
    33. 1x Instruction manual
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