With checking out the moisture content in tea leaves or coffee beans accurately and quickly, 

- To keep the same content of moisture as the market wants in production & dryness. 

- To economize times & expenses in dryness. 

- To prevent deterioration & decay caused by moisture at storage & in trade. 

- To determine the price by quality according to the moisture content in trade. 

- To enhance convenience & efficiency on processing. 

- To choose the tea or coffee to suit end-consumers' tastes

Coffee Moisture Meter GMK-307C

    1. Measuring Range:4.0% ~ 15.0% 
    2. Accuracy: ±0.5% 
    3. Resolution:0.1% 
    4. Power Source:1.5V Battery x 4EA 
    5. Display: Large Digital LCD 
    6. Dimensions: Body- 220(L) x 148(W) x 55(H) mm/Sample Barrel- 110(H) x 80(DIA) 
    7. GrossWeight: Approx. 2Kg
    8. Sample Weight: Approx. 130cc

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