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A color matching box is used wherever products need to have the same color characteristics during production. Thus, a color matching box contributes to quality control. The color matching box is a simulation tool, which is capable of representing certain situations in order to analyze the color characteristics of individual samples. The color matching box PCE-CIC 10 supports six possible lighting types. These colors are supplied as standard: "A/F", "D65", "TL84/F11", "UV", "CWF" and "TL83/U30".

Metamerism can thus be avoided by using a color matching box. As an aid to the measurement, the color matching cabinet has an hour counter installed, which makes it easier for the user to keep to the recommended running time of the lamps. The corresponding light type is selected by the user independently by the push of a button. The switch strip is located on the front side of the color matching box. If desired, several light types can also be switched on simultaneously in the color sample box. This is done by pressing the respective keys simultaneously.

- color assessment under different light types
- with hour counter
- short warm-up time
- according to ASTM D1729, ISO3664, DIN, ANSI, BSI
- easy to clean housing
- large lighting area of the objects

Color Viewing Box CIC 5 | CIE標準日光

  • Daylight, standard light / light color   D65 / ca. 6500 K
    Retail store light / light color TL84 / ca. 4000 K
    House light / light color A; F / ca. 2700 K
    Ultraviolet / wavelength UV / 365 nm
    External dimensions 710 x 405 x 570 mm
    Internal dimensions 680 x 385 x 355 mm
    Power supply 230 V AC / 50 Hz
    Operating hours counter per light type yes
    Standards ASTM D 1729, ISO 3664
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