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The Colorimeter proves to be a good multitasking device. It is designed to measure the color spectrum of various objects. Light consists of a broad spectrum of colours which are not always purely white, black or blue. A light-source illuminates an object, which then absorbs part of that light and reflects another one. That reflected light can be then detected by a sensor in order to determine the reflected wavelengths and thus calculate its colour. Colorimeters are often applied in areas of quality control in industrial sectors. Colorimeter of the CSM series are applied especially in industries where the characteristics of colors play a big role. Whether it is dental technology, painting industries or for the production of plastic bags, the colorimeter CSM 4 is an ideal product for quality management and thus assure highest reliability, whenever it is important to assure a certain standard in optic quality. 



The colorimeter supports an ergonomic design and features a user-friendly menu navigation. The colorimeter CSM 4 has a large measuring aperture of 20 mm. The supported colour spaces of the colorimeter CSM 4 are CIEL*a*b*C*h, CIEL*a*b and CIEXYZ. Thus the colorimeter is designed for application in professional industries. 

Colorimeter CSM 4

  • Measuring Geometry

    Measuring apertures 


    Ø20 mm (PCE-CSM 4)



    Colour spaces

    CIEL a* b*

    Formula for indifference in colour


    Light source


    Type of light source


    Data memory

    100 standards, 20000 samples

    Aberrance in-between the utilities

    ≤0.50 ΔE*ab


    30 measurements on average, with standard- white plate

    Standard deviation

    within ΔE*ab 0.08


    500 g / 17.6 oz


    205 x 67 x 80 mm / 8.07 x 2.6 x 3.14 in

    Power Supply

    rechargeable lithium-ion-batteries
    3.7 V at 3200 mAh

    Charging time

    8 hours

    Battery operation time

    approx. 5000 measurements

    Lifetime of lamp

    5 years, more than 1.6 million measurements

    Temperature range

    0 ... +40 °C / 32 ... +104 °F

    Relative humidity

    0 ... 85 %, non-condensing




  • Main Functions of the Colorimeter CSM 4

    The menu of the Colorimeter CSM 4 contains all characteristics and settings that can be performed at the Colorimeter CSM 4. Such are the basic settings like time, language, date, but also settings about the recording and the colour spaces that shall be displayed by the Colorimeter CSM 4.
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