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BIO-3000 Comprehensive Toxicity Analyzer of Water Quality is an instrument to quickly test the toxicity of water bodies outdoors, which adopts luminous bacteria method in accordance with national standard (GB/T15441 1995) and ISO (ISO 11348-3). This method is simple, quick, sensitive and can test the comprehensive bio-toxicity of many materials, which can be widely applied to environmental pollution, emergency episode, security check, normal inspection and analytical investigation.  

Comprehensive Toxicity Analyzer of Water Quality

    1. Environmental temperature: 5~40℃
    2. Environment humidity: 10%~90% (25℃)
    3. Quickest testing time: 5min
    4. Continuous working hours: more than 12 hours
    5. Measurable spectrum range: 320~1100nm
    6. Weight: 450g
    7. Size: 90×220×40mm
    8. Mains input: 220V±10%, 50Hz
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