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HI 9829 is a multifunction pH Meter capable of measuring pH, pH / mV, redox, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, resistance, total dissolved solids (TDS), salinity, seawater sigma, barometric pressure and temperature as well as turbidity, depending on the configuration of the probe's features. The probe also can be configured to be autonomous and independently store measurement values. In addition, 3 different probe cable lengths are available to accommodate the unique needs of your application.

HI 9829 is a portable handheld data logging measuring system that comes either with or without GPS and monitors up to 14 different water quality parameters (7 measured, 7 calculated).

Designed to withstand harsh environments, the easy-to-use HI 9829 is the ideal solution for field measurements of lakes, rivers and seas. The device boasts an IP 67 ingress protection rating, allowing 30 minute immersion at a depth of 1 m / 3.28'. The waterproof probe meets IP 68 standards, allowing continuous immersion in water.

Please read the user manual for complete details. 

Conductivity Meter HI 9829

  • Measuring range 0.00 ... 14.00 pH
    Resolution 0.01 pH
    Accuracy ±0.02 pH

    pH / mV
    Measuring range ±600.0 mV
    Resolution 0.1 mV
    Accuracy ±0.5 mV

    Measuring range ±2000.0 mV
    Resolution 0.1 mV
    Accuracy ±1.0 mV

    Dissolved oxygen
    Measuring range 0.0 ... 500.0 % / 0.00 ... 50.00 mg/l
    Resolution 0.1 % / 0.01 mg/l
    Accuracy ± 1.5% ... 3% of the display depending on themeasuring range

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