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The P-700 Contact Resistance Thermometer is the ideal device for highly accurate measurements with real-time information. The P-700 Contact Resistance Thermometer measures within a range from -200 to +850° (Pt100 sensors) and thermo-elements to +1760ºC with a resolution of 0,1 °C along the entire range. The P-700 Contact Resistance Thermometer is suitable for servicing and production works, for quality control in line with the ISO 9000 standard, as a reference device for production control, and service tasks, for measuring temperature in the air-conditioning sector or as a controller with real-time data logger function. One of the most important applications of the P-700 Contact Resistance Thermometer is to check fixed Pt100 sensors (for example). (Sensors are not included in the delivery; refer to Optional accessories).

Contact Thermometer P-700

  • Measurement Ranges

    Pt100: -200 ... +850 °C gem. EN 60751

    Thermo-elements -200 ... +1760 ° C to meet the EN 60584-1 standard


    Pt100: ±0.1 °C (-100 ... +200 ºC)

    0,1 % for the whole range

    R, S Thermo-elements: ±0,1 % + 0,1 % of the measurement value

    K, J, L, N, T Thermo-elements: ±0,2 °C

    ( 0 ... +200 °C)

    ±0,5 °C (to 1000 °C)

    ±1,0 °C (for the whole range)

    Resolution 0,1 °C
    Inputs one channel for Pt100 sensors or thermo-elements: K, J, L, N. R, S, T
    Connections for external sensors Plug DIN
    Interface USB
    Software + data cable Optional accessories (see below)
    Sensors Optional accessories (see below)
    Display LCD
    Power supply 9 V battery (optional mains component)
    Dimensions 200 x 93 x 44 mm
    Weight 350 g
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