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The ST 1 Contact Thermometer is a handheld digital device to measure temperature in the food sector, as for instance in meat, sausage, cheese, tomatoes, etc., thanks to its 120 mm stainless steel probe. The ST 1 Contact Thermometer is very easy to use, with small dimensions and short response time. The ST 1 Contact Thermometer is mainly used in the food industry, breweries, laboratories, pharmacies or for a fast and simple control of temperature. The ST 1 Contact Thermometer is delivered with a protective cover and a battery.

Contact Thermometer ST 1


    Measurement Range -40 ... +250 ºC
    Resolution 0,1 ºC
    Accuracy ±1,5 °C ±2 ºC
    Sensor NTC
    Sensor point stainless steel, Ø 3,8 mm,
    length = 120 mm, watering point
    Response time 2 seconds
    Operating temperature 0 ... +50 ºC
    Storage temperature -10 ... +60 ºC
    Display LCD
    Power supply 1,5 V LR44 battery
    Operating time approx. 5000 hours
    Dimensions 211 x 19 x 32 mm
    Case material ABS
    Weight approx. 130 g
    Protection IP 65
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