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Corrosion of reinforcement is a major factor causing premature deterioration of large-scale concrete infrastructure Worldwide. Early failures of the structure due to premature reinforcement corrosion may result in damage to people and assets. To prevent degradation as well as to maintain the structure, an effective monitoring solution is needed to assess the corrosion in reinforced concrete. Encardio-rite offers a cost-effective reliable corrosion monitoring solution for existing as well as to-be-constructed structures. 


The corrosion monitoring system consists of different probes (anodes and combi-electrode) embedded in concrete, data processing nodes, and a data logger to monitor the current corrosion state as well as the rate of corrosion of the reinforcement.

Corrosion Monitoring System ECS-101

    1. Easy to install in new or old structures
    2. Can be exposed to chlorides and carbonatization
    3. Has stable potential, as a linear function to pH in the alkaline area
    4. Monitors Corrosion Rate, Humidity, Temperature, Resistance and Current in reinforced concrete
    5. Suitable for monitoring cathodic protection.
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