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This Differential Pressure Meter offers high accuracy and an excellent performance. Aside from taking measurements with these Differential Pressure Meter, data can be exported to a computer. The Differential Pressure Meter is ideal for industrial applications, technical service or in laboratories. It is especially suited to measuring non-corrosive substances and has overcharge-protection which is twice its measurement range. The units of measurement which appear on the display make the meter  with universal applications at work and will save the cost of converting the results (conversion table for measurement units for pressure).
If you need to transfer data from the device to a computer, you will need optional software and an RS-232 cable.  The software is compatible with Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME and XP (some information about: Differential Pressure Meter with interface).We also have various optional components available such as a DIN ISO 9000 calibration certificate

Differential Pressure Meter P50

  • Data format Baud rate: 2400 baud,1 stop bit, 8 data bits
    Accuracy ±0.3% (across rnage up to +25°C)
    Repeatability ±0.2% (max. ±0.5% of final value)
    Response time 0.3ms
    Maximum operating temperature +50°C
    Battery 1 x 9V battery
    Dimensions 182 x 72 x 30mm
    Weight 150g
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