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The model ESM-12S digital seepage monitoring system is designed for precision measurement and monitoring of seepage in dams or water flow in open channels. Quantity of water seeping through, around or under a dam is of great importance in analyzing structural behaviour of a dam. The seepage or the flow rate data provided by the weir and seepage monitoring system provides important information for analyzing the long term stability of the dam.

Model ESM-12S Seepage monitoring system typically consists of:

  • Model ESM-12S/1 digital seepage monitoring sensor
  • Model ESDL-30 datalogger
  • Model ESM-10 Weir (ordered separately)
  • Standard accessories
  • Slotted PVC pipe
  • Desiccant unit with moisture trap
  • Terminal box
  • Mounting plate, clamps and fasteners

Our smart digital seepage monitoring system is very easy to install and configure. The high precision pressure sensor allows long term reliable monitoring, with least maintenance cost.

Digital Seepage Monitoring System ESM-12S

  • Range 1000 mm
    Sensor accuracy* ± 0.2 mm
    Sensor resolution 0.025 % fs
    Stability ± 0.05 % fs per year
    Output Digital (SDI-12 serial interface)
    Over rage capacity 200%
    Temperature limit -20 to 70°C
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