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Dust monitor for measuring the dirt particles in the atmosphere / with memory / Mini-B USB interface / software

The dust monitor Microdust Pro CEL-712 measures the concentration of particles and fine particles such as dust, smoke, pollen, and other aerosols that are in the air. To precisely determine the degree of contamination of the air the dust monitor was developed. A high degree of pollution of the atmosphere is mainly produced by combustion, material processing, manufacturing, power generation, vehicle engine emissions, and the construction industry. With help from the dust monitor, the exact amount of dirt particles in the air are measured. Such dispersion particles are partly responsible for reduced visibility, the spread of contamination, inhaling toxic substances and thus reduced labour productivity. For some time it is also known that the particles also have a considerable contribution to many medical diseases such as Asthma, Bronchitis and many more... 


Traditional gravimetric methods of dust measurement require a considerable trial period and are not always suitable for the evaluation of trends of concentration in real time. Thus, this dust meter is an ideal portable monitoring instrument for real-time assessment of dispersion particle concentrations. Accurate and repeatable dust concentration measurements are made using proven forward light scattering techniques. This dust meter allows the graphical presentation and evaluation of concentration trends, internal logging of readings and transfer to PC or a laptop at will. Simple interfaces and digital calibration methods for all dust monitoring scenarios are available. The possibility of storing the measured values and the subsequent data transmission and analysis make the dust monitor an optimal tool for the expert and appraiser. The color screen of the dust monitor has a very high resolution and can display both text and graphical information. It shows configurable details, pollution levels, logger information, and battery charge status.

Dust Measuring Device CEL-712/K1

  • Dimensions
    Measuring range 0.001 mg/m³ to 250,000 mg/m³ (250 g/m³) 
    The active range can be fixed or auto ranging.  
    Resolution 0.001 mg/m³
    Zero stability 2 µg/m³
    Alarm output "Open Drain"-circuit <15V & 500mA DC
    Power connector
    Battery / uptime 3 x AA/ MN 1500 lines / ca. 13 hours.
    External power connection 12 V DC (a -PC18 supply)
    Analog output 0 - 2.5V DC FSD
    Physical data
    Display Colour display for sharp display of all information
    Memory capacity 86,000 data points
    Storage interval 1 second to 1 hour
    Interface Mini-B-USB
    Analog Output 0 ... 2.5 VDC 
    Dimensions (unit) 172 x 72 x 33 mm
    Dimensions (probe) 35 x 205 mm
    Weight <600g (incl. batteries)
    Operating temperature 0 °C ... 55 °C
    Stand mounting ¼“ Withworth-touch fitting
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