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More accurate testing results are the persistent pursuit of Skyray. They keep firmly in mind that their mission is to provide the users with the best service.
The newly developed EDX 3000D originates from this idea. It is embedded with the five characteristics “accurate, rapid, non-destructive, intuitive and environment-friendly” of Skyray EDX series spectrometers. Added with Skyray patented SNE, the instrument delivers test results in improved accuracy.


  • Analytical range of elements:

    Sulfur to Uranium

    Analysis range:


    Detection Limit:

    The detection limit can reach 1ppm for hazardous substances (Cd/Pb/Cr/Hg/Br) restricted in RoHS directive

    Measurement time:

    60~ 200


    energy revolution is 155±5eV

    High voltage:

    5~ 50 kV

    Tube current:

    50~ 1000µA

    Ambient temperature range:

    15~ 30°

    Power supply:

    AC 220±5v ( Ac purified stabilized voltage power supply is suggested

    3-D super large sample chamber and the size is ø450*90mmmax. width 110 mm

    24 elements can be analyzed simultaneousl



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