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EDX3600B X-ray Fluorescence spectrometer uses XRF technology for rapid and accurate elemental analysis of cement and steel. The technology features low-energy X-rays with good excitation results of light elements such as Si, S, Na and Mg. Plus, the test time is short and test efficiency is greatly improved. The instrument is equipped with UHRD detector as well, which leads to good energy linearity, energy resolution, spectrum property and high peak-background ratio. Due to automatic spectrum stabilizing device, the instrument is in great consistency. As spectrum decoupling technique is used, the original spectrum can be easily decoupled, and the measured analytical precision of light elements of Si, S, Al, etc is the same. Owing to multi-parameter linear regression method, the absorption and enhancement effects between elements are significantly reduced.



  • Measurable elements: Na to U
    Range of element content: 1ppm-99.99%
    Ability of simultaneous analysis: 24 elements
    Plating thickness measurement: more than 11 layers, up to 0.005μm each layer
    Analysis accuracy: 0.05%
    Forms of samples: powder, solid and liquid
    Measurement time: 60s—200s
    Energy resolution: (150±5)eV
    Tube voltage: 5KV—50KV
    Tube current: 50uA—1000uA
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