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The halogen –free plan with the new round environmental protection tide is the afforested policy which is greatly promoted by International Green and Peaceful Organization and supported by numerous international environmental protection organizations and international large-scale companies. The European Union 2002/95/EC Instruction, “Montreal Protocol”, “the Stockholm Treaty” and the board material laws and regulations of National Electrician Committee (IEC) have restricted on the halogen material. And, IEC 61249-2-21 in IEC laws and regulations stipulates that the maximum limit of chlorine, bromine and the overall halogen is: bromine and chlorine is less than 900ppm respectively; (bromine + chlorine) is less than 1500ppm.

Specializes in high-performance X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometers in the world. EDX3600H, desktop, Non-halogen analysis spectrometer, introduced in 2009, is of high performance and high-technology halogen testing instrument. The technology, adopting the worldwide leading non-halogen analysis technology, equipped with the best intelligent vacuum system for non-halogen testing and using low energy X-ray to excite light element, thus solve testing problem of chlorine and bromine. The instrument can detect any products containing hazardous substance halogen. In addition, it can be used in all element and RoHS analysis. The instrument is of multi-functional and can meet the international newest standard.

Metal Analyzer EDX 3600H

  • Measurable elements: Na to U. 
    Element contents: 1ppm—99.99%
    Ability of simultaneous analysis: Simultaneously analysis of 24 elements. 
    Plating thickness: up to 0.005um each layer; it is able to analyze plating with more than 3 layers.
    Analysis accuracy: 0.05%
    Measurement time: 60s-200s
    Energy resolution: (150±5)eV
    Tube voltage: 5KV-50KV
    Tube current: 50uA-1000uA 
    Forms of samples: powder, solid and liquid
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