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The OET DH-505 supported by Share Sun OET Company is not routinely available from Diamond Diagnostics so please inquire. As you consider purchasing a refurbished instrument from Diamond, rest assured that every instrument that flows through our production facility is disassembled down to-the-frame then thoroughly cleaned, polished and refinished with a durable 3 part industrial paint that matches the instruments original color and sheen. During re-assembly components are validated, repaired or replaced as needed followed by full diagnostics, calibration and running controls as a final step. Afterward the instruments are inspected and prepared for international transit. Should you wish to receive more information on the OET DH-505 Electrolyte Analyzer such as pricing.


DH-503P+/505P+電解質分析儀是一台由微機控制,使用離子選擇電極(ISE)的體外診斷(IVD)檢驗設備。 DH-503P+/505P+電解質分析儀具備自動定標、液位檢測,通過電磁閥進行氣液分段快速沖洗,電極管道清洗徹底,不易堵塞,試劑、樣品消耗量更少。它能夠快速準確地測量全血、血清、血漿或尿液中的鉀、鈉、氯、離子鈣的濃度以及樣品的pH值,同時計算出pH=7.4時的標準化離子鈣,所有離子濃度均顯示在儀器的顯示器上,並通過打印機打印出測量報告。質控及測量結果均可由儀器背面的RS232接口批量導出至電腦端便於統計和處理。



Electrolytic Analyzer 電解分析儀

  • Type

    Electrolyte Analyzer


    Na, K, Cl, Ca, pH


    60 seconds


    Sensor Technology

    Open system:


    W x D x H:

    12X9X14 inches / 30X23X35 cm


    18 lbs / 8 kilos

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