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The field meter FM 6 is a multi-purpose electrosmog meter for alternating electric and magnetic fields. On account of its effective value display according to TCO/MPRII and the high degree of accuracy, it is primarily used for professional purposes. Private users, however, also appreciate FM 6 because it is easy to operate. FM 6 is the standard meter used in organic architecture thanks to its accuracy of measurement and the numerous options for accessories and connections. The separate probe casing houses two detectors for electric and magnetic measurements. For this reason, it is not necessary to change probes, the measurement can be carried out quickly and easily. The directional characteristics of the external probe enable you to localise disturbing sources, while the display unit provides for a comfortable reading of the measured values. The three ranges of measurement each for alternating electric and magnetic fields enable you to identify low field intensities like those that are present in living rooms and bedrooms as well as high field strengths generated in the immediate vicinity of technical installations. The wide-band frequency range from 16 Hz up to 100 KHz includes a large spectrum of technically generated alternating electrical and magnetic fields: from the 16l7 Hz of the German Federal Railways to the 50 Hz of the power supply network, ranging to higher frequencies of screens and switch mode power supply units. Two frequency filters enable you to differentiate the electrosmog on the basis of the components of traction current and higher-frequency fields of electronic devices included in it. A pre-defined potential of the measuring device is necessary to carry out a sound measurement of an electric field. FM 6 offers two options for this purpose: the device can assume the potential of the person who carries out the measurements, or it can be grounded. The field meter FM 6 uses real effective value conversion of all forms of signals; this type of conversion is otherwise only provided by devices that are considerably more expensive. This method enables measurements according to the TCO/MPRII regulations and the German Federal Emmission Control Act (BImSchG). The large, battery-saving digital display enables a clearly legible presentation of the measured values.

Electromagnetic Field Meter FM 6

  • Display digital, 2 1/2lines, LCD Ranges
    Measuring ranges Electric field: 20 / 200 / 2000 V/m
    Magnetic field: 200 / 2000 / 20000 nT
    Alternating voltage: 20 / 200 (/2000) V
    Resolution Electric field: 0.1 V/m
    Magnetic field: 1 nT
    Alternating voltage: 0.1 V
    Measurement accuracy (50 Hz, 50% rH) Electric field: ± 10% with pre-defined measuring method
    Magnetic field: ± 5%
    Alternating voltage: ± 2.5%
    >10 kHz and value<40 Digit: ±10 Digit
    Frequency response without Filter: 16 Hz -100 kHz ± 1 dB
    with Filter HP 50: 50 Hz - 100 kHz ±
    with Filter TP 2k: 16 Hz - 2 kHz ±
    Rectifier Real effective value (TRMS)
    Universal connection
    Outputs Output resistance: 500 Ohm
    Alternating voltage: 0..200 mV
    Direct voltage: 0..2 V
    Probe: max 30 V/0.2 A
    Inputs Power supply : 7.5 V - 9.5 V, potential-free
    Permissible ambient temperature 0° C..+55° C
    Current consumption 7 mA
    Power supply 9V E-Block
    Dimensions Field meter: 156 x 85 x 45 in mm
    Probe: 138 x 40 x 24 in mm
    Weight Field meter: 265 g (incl. batteries)
    Probe: 110 g
    Cable Probe: 0.75 m
    Earthing cable: 5 m (10 m as accessory equipment)
    Housing Black, impact-resistant plastic (ABS)
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