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The EPS-30V-S earth pressure cell is used to measure total pressure in the earth fills and embankments. Two stainless steel discs welded around the periphery forms a flexible, circular and flat pressure pad.


The pressure pad is connected to an electron beam welded vibrating wire pressure sensor with a 6 mm diameter x 165 mm long stainless tube. The narrow cavity between the pressure pad and the tube is filled with de-aired fluid. Pressure applied by the earth on the capsule is transmitted through the fluid to the vibrating wire pressure sensor, which converts it into an electrical signal.

EPS-30V-S earth pressure cell

  • • Reliable, accurate, robust and low cost

    • Long term stability with high reliability.

    • High sensitivity and high pressure range.

    • Low volumetric displacement.

    • Fluid filled for high rigidity, accurate and fast response.

    • Thermistor available for temperature correction.

    • Remote digital readout available.

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