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Film applicator AU-823 is designed for applying layers of paint and other materials of required thickness of the layer during the complex tests according to ASTM D 823-E.


User can set the height of the gap by micrometer heads at the range of 10-6000 µm. The height of the gap should provide the necessary thickness of the layer of paint film. The applicator is to be placed on the edge of the test plate, than pour necessary amount of tested material  in front of the gap and move the applicator along the plate at constant speed of 5-10 cm/s, dispensing  continuous layer of the tested material on the plate.



  • High accuracy of the instrument
  • Durability and easy in operation

Film Applicator AU-823

  • Slot width 150, 200, 300 mm
    Range 10-6000 µm
    Measurement accuracy ± 0,005 mm
    Dimensions 168x143x63 mm
    Weight, no more 1,8 kg
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