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The FM50 Force Gauge has a built-in microprocessor, an easy to read display, and can measure traction and compression forces. The display of the Force Gauge can be turned 180°, allowing the readings to be visible regardless of the position of the device itself. The device is manufactured to be used with a test position accessory. It is powered by batteries or a mains adaptor (an additional 500 mA power source is available to order). To transfer data to a computer, the Force Gauge requires software and an RS-232 cable which are available as accessories. The Force Gauge can transfer data at a quicker rate when transferring from memory to a computer, one reading every 0.25 seconds using Windows hyper terminal. The dynamometric cell can be attached to the LTS 20 test position. The test position is ideal for measuring traction or compression in quality control and in laboratory experiments.

Force Gauge FM50

  • Maximum load 5 kg / 49 N / 11 lbs
    Resolution 0.001 kg / 0.01 N / 0.002 lbs
    Accuracy ±0.4 %, +1 digit
    Units of measurement Grams (g) / Newton (N) / Ounces (oz)
    Maximum overload 7 kg / 15.4 lbs
    Interface RS-232
    Software and cable optional
    Data transmission Data transfers to a computer, using the software, at a rate of one reading every 2 seconds
    Display 5 digit LCD; 16 mm / 0.6 in high
    Measurement functions measures force as friction and compression, with Peak Hold function
    Power 6 AA batteries or mains adaptor
    Dimensions 215 mm x 90 mm x 45 mm
    8.5 in x 3.5 in x 1.8 in
    Weight 0.55 kg / 1.2 lbs
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