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The function generator SDG1010 generates signals up to 10 MHz. The function generator is able to display five different signals. Apart from these five standard signals, the function generator is able to display its own signals (arbitrary function). The function generator is designed as a tabletop unit and hence is applicable in schools, laboratories and electrical workshops. Besides indicating signals, the function generator can measure frequencies of up to 200 MHz. By means of the software that is included in delivery, the operator can even generate their own signals on the function generator. The function generator SDG10xx features a sampling rate of 125 MSamples per second. The vertical resolution amounts to 14 bits. On the 1.5" display all parameters can be read easily on the function generator SDG10xx and also adjusted at the control panel. The function generator SDG10xx can be applied to simulate analogue sensors or to simulate standard signals. This qualifies the function generator as an auxiliary device in terms of preparing electric circuits, checking components or in areas of research and development. Due to a simple-structured operating principle, the function generator can also be used in schools and universities.

Function Generator SDG1010

  • Model PCE-SDG-1010 PCE-SDG1025 PCE-SDG1050
    Bandwidth 10 MHz 25 MHz 50 MHz
    Signal forms sinus, recheck, ramp, impulse, dysfunction, arbitrary function
    Modulation AM, DSB-AM, FM, PM, FSK, ASK, PWM, sweep, burst
    Channels 2  
    Sample Rate 125 MSamples / s  
    Arbitrary Wavelength 16 kpts  
    Definition Frequency 1 µHz  
    Vertical Resolution 14 Bits  
    Frequency counter 100 mHz ... 200 MHz  
    Technical Specifications output
    Channel 1 Channel 2
    Amplitude (depending on frequency)  2 mVpp ... 10Vpp 2 mVpp ... 6 Vpp
    Vertical accuracy (at 100 kHz) ± (0.3 dB + 1 mV from set value)
    General Technical Specifications
    Display 3.5" TFT LCD 
    Resolution 320 x 240
    Voltage Supply 100 V ... 240 V / 45 Hz ... 65 Hz
    Power Input 30 W
    Operation conditions

    0 °C ... +40 °C

    < 90 % r.H.

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