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With this gauss meter it is possible to measure magnetic fields up to 2000 mG directly. At the same time, the gauss meter shows the strength of the magnetic field numerically using an X, Y and Z axis. Another measuring function of the gauss meter is the electromagnetic field strength measurement. With this measuring function in the gauss meter, the electromagnetic field strength on supply lines can be determined at a frequency of 50/60 Hz. It is also possible to carry out measurements in the high frequency range with the gauss meter. Thus, measurements can be carried out with the gauss meter on, for example, a WLAN router or a mobile phone. Because of its many measuring functions, the gauss meter is a compact and multifunctional measuring device.


In addition to the numerical display on the gauss meter, a graphical progression of the last 20 measured values ​​is also displayed. The measured value is also displayed as a bar diagram by the gauss meter. This bar chart on the gauss meter is divided into three traffic light colors. As soon as the measured value exceeds a fixed value, so that the bar chart on the gauss meter has reached the red area, an acoustic alarm is activated. This alarm on the gauss meter switches off automatically as soon as the measured value is below the fixed limit threshold.


All three measurement modes can be read off simultaneously on the 2.4'' TFT display of the gauss meter. Switching between the individual measurement modes on the gauss meter is therefore not necessary. The background lighting of the gauss meter can be adjusted in 4 levels. Thus, the display of the gauss meter can be adapted to the most varied of environmental conditions at the touch of a button.

- Three different measuring function
- Many different units can be set
- Alarm when limit value is exceeded
- Automatic shutdown
- With three-axis measurement
- For low frequencies and high frequencies

Gauss Meter EMF 40 | 電磁高斯計

  • Low frequency magnetic field
    Unit µT    
    Measuring range Resolution Accuracy
    20.00 ... 200.0 µT 0.01 µT, 0.1 µT ± 12% + 5 digits
        at 50/60 Hz
    Unit mG    
    Measuring range Resolution Accuracy
    200.0 ... 2000 mG 0.1 mG, 1 mG ± 12% + 5 digits
        at 50/60 Hz
    Low frequency electromagnetic field
    Unit V / m    
    Measuring range Resolution Accuracy
    50V / m ... 2000V / m 1V / m ± 7% + 20 digits
        at 50/60 Hz
    High frequency electromagnetic field
    Unit mV / m, V / m    
    Measuring range Resolution Accuracy
    30.0 mV / m ... 11.00V / m 0.01, 0.1 mV / m 1.0 dB at 1V / m
      0.01V / m and 900 MHz,
        > 1V / m are only used for reference
    Unit µW / cm²    
    Measuring range Resolution  
    0.02 ... 32.0 µW / cm² 0.01, 0.1 µW / cm²  
    Unit µW / m², mW / m²    
    Measuring range Resolution  
    2.3 µW / m² ... 320.9 µW / m² 0.1, 1 µW / m²  
      0.1 mW / m²  
    Unit mA / m    
    Measuring range Resolution  
    0.07 ... 29.1-mA / m 0.01, 0.1-mA / m
  • Bandwidth High frequency: 50 MHz ... 3.5 GHz
      Low frequency: 50/60 Hz
    Number of sensors Magnetic field: 3
      Electromagnetic field: 1
    Measuring rate 1 Hz
    Display when the measured value is exceeded        "- - - -"
    Storage MIN / MAX memory
    Display 2.4" TFT
    Power supply 3 x 1.5V AAA batteries
    Power consumption Approx. 24 ... 38-mA
    Automatic shutdown After 10 minutes
      Function can be switched off
    Operating conditions 0 ... 50°C / 32 ... 122°F, < 80% RH
    Dimensions 107 x 60 x 25 mm / 4.2 x 2.4 x 1 in
    Weight Approx. 106 g / < 1 lb (without batteries
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